Public Works

Computers and Electronics

Computer and electronic items will be scheduled for collection at the curb twice (2) a month by calling the DPW Office, 201-265-2100 Extension # 3100.  They can also be brought to the Recycling Center and placed in the electronics dumpster during Recycling Center Hours of Operation.  This category includes but is not limited to TV’s, Computer Monitors and Computer Equipment (Keyboards, Mice, Laptops, Power Sources, Hard Drives, Modems, Printers, etc.), Stereo Radios, Faxes, Copy Machines, VCR’s, DVD’s & Cell Phones.

The following computers and electronics recycling options are provided by 3rd parties and are in no way affiliated with the Borough of Paramus.  This information is provided for convenience purposes only.  If you have any questions about these items, please contact them directly.