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Welcome to the Paramus Police Department's web site. This site was designed to help you learn more about our department and keep you informed about incidents and events occurring in and around Paramus. We also provide useful links to helpful web sites. We hope you find it to be informative and responsive to your needs.

The men and women who make up the Paramus Police Department are dedicated to providing a safe environment to our residents and visitors. Paramus' highly trained and motivated officers and staff employ the latest in innovation and technology to provide the Borough of Paramus with law enforcement service that is second to none.

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Office of the Chief


The Office of the Chief of Police handles the day-to-day operations of managing the Police Department. It is primarily responsible for the overall management and direction of the police department, which includes the Patrol, Operations, and Detective Divisions as well as specialized bureaus and units. In addition, the Chief's Office is responsible to liaison with other Borough departments, elected Borough officials, governmental and private sector agencies, and various community and neighborhood organizations.

The Office of the Chief is responsible for formulation and administration of the budget (both operating and capital improvement), crime analysis, multi-year planning, manpower allocation, systems analysis and implementation, contingency planning, grant formulation and administration, and production of monthly reports. The Office of the Chief is also responsible for ordering, maintaining, and distributing the department's central supplies and processing all account payable vouchers. In addition, the Office of Professional Standards and Internal Affairs reports directly to the Chief of Police.

Chief of Police - Kenneth R. Ehrenberg

Secretary - Deborah Ryen

Contact Information:

Phone: 201-262-3400 Ext: 1100

Fax:     201-649-0406

Email:   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Records Bureau

The Police Department Records Bureau handles storage, both hard copy and electronic, of all police reports, records and documents. The unit is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of reports, arrest and criminal history information. We handle requests for dissemination of information for our police department, other agencies and the public. Dissemination of information must comply with all department, state and federal laws and guidelines, and confidentiality laws. We provide the police department, borough, and state with statistics about reports, crime and police incidents. Each year, Records Bureau personnel handle thousands of telephone and walk-in requests for information, from police agencies as well as the public. In addition, the Records Bureau is responsible for processing fire, burglary, and panic false alarm violations. The Records Bureau generates thousands of dollars through accident report requests, false alarm billings, licensing fees and attorney discovery requests. These fees and fines are deposited into the Borough’s General Funds account.

Contact Information:

Phone: 201-262-3400 Ext: 1190

Fax:     201-649-0403


The Patrol Division has the largest number of sworn officers within the Police Department. Its primary responsibility is to provide uniformed law enforcement service to the community.

Uniformed police officers are generally the first contact a citizen has with a law enforcement agency. These initial contacts will frequently leave the citizen with a lasting impression of the department and it is our intention to make that impression a positive one. Our mission is to provide the highest quality law enforcement service in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

Patrol is divided into platoons of officers, who work staggered shifts that provide police services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Platoons are commanded by Lieutenants and Sergeants who are responsible for planning, coordinating, scheduling, assigning, and directing the work of the shift, to provide protection of life and property, enforcement of laws and ordinances, crime prevention and investigation.

Patrol Division Commander – Captain Anthony Savastano

Secretary – Joanne Vitale

Phone: 201-262-3400 Ext: 1150

Fingerprinting Services

Many individuals are required to be fingerprinted due to requests by employers, applications for adoptions, expungements, or for other purposes. The Paramus Police Department, through the Bureau of Criminal Identification provides fingerprinting services for PARAMUS RESIDENTS and PEOPLE WHO WORK IN PARAMUS ONLY.

Fingerprinting Information

Individuals must provide a form of identification at the time of fingerprinting.

Fingerprinting Fee = $10.00. Payment may be made by a check payable to "Paramus Police Department" or by cash. Exact change only please.

Fingerprinting services are provided by appointment only.

Please contact the Bureau of Criminal Identification 201-262-3400 Ext: 1130 to make an appointment.

The Paramus Police Department does not provide electronic fingerprinting services. For individuals who are required to be fingerprinted by the Morpho Company, their on-line appointment web site is www.bioapplicant.com.