Emergency Management

What to do when asked to evacuate

Evacuating Children From the Home

School Evacuation


If you are asked to evacuate:


Officials will order evacuations to a Designated Emergency Shelter location:




  1. Paramus High School, Century Road
  2. Eastbrook Middle School, Spring Valley Road
  3. Westbrook Middle School, Roosevelt Boulevard




  1. All Paramus Grammer Schools
  2. D'Uva Center, Fairview Avenue


Plan to spend up to three (3) days away from home


Some items you might take along:


  1. Extra clothing – footwear
  2. Bedding – two(2) blankets per person or sleeping bags
  3. Medical Items – prescriptions, glasses, dentures, diet needs
  4. Specialties – baby formula, diapers, medications, favorite toys
  5. Essentials – cash, identification, licenses, checkbook, credit cards, keys, portable radio, flashlight, batteries


Evacuation of Children from home


If it is necessary to evacuate your home and there are minors alone in the house, we have developed the following plans:


Minors WILL be evacuated for their protection by easily identified emergency services personnel

If a relative or neighbor is listed on your family emergency response


School Evacuation Procedures


Should a school need to be evacuated during an emergency, the Borough of Paramus Office of Emergency Management and the Board of Education have established the following policy to follow:


  1. Children will be evacuated to a safe location with their teachers and classmates.
  2. Please do not come to the school unless you are connected and requested to do so.
  3. If you are requested to report to the school, follow the directions for parking and report directly to the designated "Information Area". Officials will be present to offer assistance.
  4. When an early dismissal is ordered, children will be placed on their normal buses and emergency notifications will be made. Young children with worknig parents will be released to the emergency contact person you have authorized with the school or taken to another school or designated location.
  5. Crossing guards and police will be in place before children who normally walk to school are dismissed.
  6. Information may be obtained from Borough of Paramus Emergency Management Hotline at (201) 262-3400 x5100 or through the designated telephone number listed in your school bulletin. Information may also be broadcast over the official school radio stations.