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The Zoning Board of Adjustment hears appeals of decisions of the Zoning Officer in enforcement of the Zoning Ordinance and appeals of the Zoning Officer's interpretation of the Zoning Ordinance. The Board is empowered to grant "C" and "D" variances. "D" variances are required for deviations from permitted use, expansion of a non-conforming use, requirements for conditional use, increase in permitted floor area ratio , increase in permitted density and increase in height of a structure which exceeds by 10 feet or 10%. "C" variances typically involve variances for setbacks and may be granted where subject property poses unusual hardship to development or where the application would result in a better zoning alternative for the neighborhood. "D" variances may be granted for special reasons, undue hardship or an inherently beneficial use. The Board does not have the power to grant a variance where the grant would be a substantial detriment to the public good or impair the intent and purpose of the Paramus Master Plan and Zoning Ordinance.


Board of Adjustment Meeting for November 8, 2012 has been

Docket #6048 Oster has been carried to December
13, 2012 at 7:30PM.