Board of Health

Clinical Services

The Paramus Board of Health provides a variety of preventive health services. Following is a list of clinical services and programs that are offered throughout the year. We against vaccine-preventable childhood diseases, select screenings, developmental and nutritional assessments, and nurse/physician counseling. Appointments are necessary and may be made by calling the Public Health Nurses.

Child Health Conference

The Child Health Conference (CHC) is a well-child service for qualifying children of Paramus residents, who are infants through eighteen years of age. The services provide immunizations betes Screening

Adult Health Assessment, Blood Pressure and Dia recommend that those interested call for further information since the majority of our programs require an appointment.

This is an adult health assessment and counseling program which includes a blood pressure check and a finger-stick blood sample to measure glucose (sugar) level in the blood. A health assessment is obtained to determine possible risk factors for chronic illnesses, and nurse counseling is provided to promote healthy lifestyles. Appointments are necessary and may be made by calling the Public Health Nurses.

Blood Chemistry/PSA/Thyroid/A1C/VitD

Held annually during the month of September, this worthwhile and low-cost blood screening is open to all Paramus adults. Participants must visit the Health Dept. prior to the screening to complete a confidential health history form and have their blood pressure checked. A counseling session is held when results are provided along with appropriate literature. Appointments are necessary, and may be made after August 1st by phoning the Public Health Nurses.

Colorectal Cancer Screening

Hemocccult slides (a simple, take home test) for detection of occult blood in the stool, a possible indication of cancer of the colon or rectum, are available free to Paramus residents. For information, phone the Public Health Nurses.

Flu Immunization Program

Held in the fall of each year, for all Paramus residents 65 or older, and adults younger than 65 with a chronic health condition. Those younger than 65 must present a current physician's note indicating the need for vaccination. Phone the Paramus Health Department at 201-265-2100, Ext. 2300 in mid to late September to register. Have your Medicare card available when calling.

Community Health Education Programs

Informative educational presentations on a wide variety of health topics, including health literature and audio-visuals, are available to community groups of all ages. Phone the Paramus Health Department at 201-265-2100, Ext. 2300

Home Visits

Home visits are available to homebound residents for flu shots and new parents for counseling and guidance. For information, call the Public Health Nurses.

Bergen Volunteer Medical Initiative

The Bergen Volunteer Medical Initiative is operating a physician's office staffed by volunteer physicians, nurses and other health care professionals for the purpose of providing free primary care to Bergen County Residents who meet certain income guidelines but have neither medical insurance nor the means to pay for care. Patients will be seen by appointment. For additional information or appointments call: 201-342-2478 or go to their website at