Board of Health

Environmental Health

Citizens Complaints

The Paramus Board of Health Registered Environmental Health Specialists investigate complaints regarding environmental health hazards, such as air sanitation, stream pollution, insects, rodents, ragweed, poison ivy, sewage disposal, solid waste disposal, noise pollution, birds and animals. In addition, our inspectors investigate complaints concerning the businesses we regulate that are located in Paramus. These includes food establishments such as restaurants, grocery stores and delicatessens, food and beverage vending machines, personal grooming establishments, such as barber shops, beauty parlors and nail salons, child care facilities, public swimming pools and spas, pet shops, kennels, long-term care facilities, tanning salons, body art establishments, motels, multiple dwellings, and youth camps. Property maintenance complaints concerning matters like tall grass, are handled by the Building Department.

Rabies Control

Our Environmental Staff is responsible for investigation and follow up of animal bites. All biting incidents should be reported to the Paramus Police Department at 201-262-3400.

Food Manager’s Certification Course

A six-hour Food Manager’s Certification Course is held on an ongoing basis. The charge is $125.00 per person. For further information, contact Assistant Health Officer Judith Migliaccio at 201-265-2100 Ext: 2300