The Paramus Board of Health is a legally constituted, autonomous body appointed by the Mayor to make health policy for the Borough.  The Board is empowered by State statute to enact local ordinances to protect the public health and to provide programs in five major areas, including Administration, Environmental Health, Communicable Disease Control, Maternal and Child Health, and Chronic Illness Detection and Control.   It is also responsible to appoint its’ own personnel to the Department of Health.  Members of the Board and the Health Officer meet on the fourth Monday of each month except for July and August at 8:00 PM.

  1. State Mandated Programs
  2. Personal Health Services
  3. Community Health Programs
  4. Employee Health Services
  5. Vital Statistics
  • Inspection of retail food establishments
  • Education and training of foodhandlers and management personnel
  • Food and beverage vending machine inspection
  • Bacteriological sampling of food and dairy products
  • Response to citizen complaints
  • Youth camp inspection
  • Insect and rodent control
  • Rabies control
  • Recreational bathing facility inspection and sampling
  • Occupational health

Board Members

Dr. Eric NazziolaPresident
Neil JavedVice President
Alexandria IvanickiMember
MaryAnn UzziMember
Dr. Diamantis KyriakakisMember