The Police Department Records Bureau handles storage, both hard copy and electronic, of all police reports, records and documents. The unit is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of reports, arrest and criminal history information. 

Dissemination of Information

We handle requests for dissemination of information for our police department, other agencies and the public. Dissemination of information must comply with all department, state and federal laws and guidelines, and confidentiality laws. 


We provide the police department, borough, and state with statistics about reports, crime and police incidents. Each year, Records Bureau personnel handle thousands of telephone and walk-in requests for information, from police agencies as well as the public. 

Processing Violations

In addition, the Records Bureau is responsible for processing fire, burglary, and panic false alarm violations. The Records Bureau generates thousands of dollars through accident report requests, false alarm billings, licensing fees and attorney discovery requests. These fees and fines are deposited into the Borough’s General Funds account.