Curbside Recycling

Items that can be placed in Otto container for pick up:

Acceptable Commingle Contents

No styrofoam of any kind in any form is accepted. All of the items must be emptied and washed to remove beverage or food waste.


Newspapers must be tied securely or placed in brown paper bags only. Do not put them in plastic bags or pails. Newspapers do not go into the recycling Otto container. Magazines, soft books, and junk mail may be put out with the newspapers.


Cardboard must be collapsed and tied, and placed at the curb the same day as the newspapers. Cardboard and newspapers must be secured to keep them from being blown away by strong winds.


Check Otto containers for section number and color.

  • Monday: Red Section - 1
  • Tuesday: Blue Section - 2
  • Wednesday: Green Section - 3
  • Thursday: Orange Section - 4
  • Friday: Brown Section - 5

If a holiday falls on your recycling day, your pick up is cancelled. Weeks listed on this Recycling Schedule (PDF) are Monday through Friday. Pick ups are made on your scheduled day only.