Materials Disposal Guide

  1. Branches & Brush
  2. Building Materials
  3. Cardboard
  4. Commingled
  5. Computers & Electronics
  6. Garbage & Trash
  7. Leaves
  8. Miscellaneous Items
  9. Motor Oil
  10. Newspapers
  11. Vegetative Waste
  12. White Goods
  13. Leaves 2

Branches, Brush & Limbs

These items will be picked up the same day as your recycling OTTO container and must be cut into four foot lengths and tied in small bundles. Note: We will only pick up 10 reasonably sized bundles. We do not pick up branches larger than 8 inches in diameter, tree trunks, stumps, or roots. These items are the sole responsibility of the homeowner, resident, or contractor. Do not put garden debris in recycling container.