Some Things to Remember

Keep in mind the following information: 

  • Your Collector can answer questions about tax collections; the Assessor about Assessments.
  • The Assessor cannot legally collect tax money.
  • Tax payments may be made to the Tax Collector by mail following instructions on the back of your Tax Bill.
  • Interest is required to be charged on late payments of taxes.
  • When you are issued a building permit, you may expect visits from both the Assessor and the Construction Code Official, as their duties require.
  • Improvements may be subject to Added Assessments, which begin in the 1st of the month following substantial completion, occupancy or use. The Added Assessment list is submitted to the County Tax Board on October 1st, and the tax thereon is due November 1 of the same year.
  • If you demolish an old building, consider its tax cost and usefulness before you tear it down. Remember that any building standing as of October 1st may be taxable for the following tax year. A permit is required from the Construction Code Official.