Uniformity in Assessments

This product of the Assessor's effort is the basis for the largest generated revenue. The assessment figure is an important part of determining the local share of school and county taxes. Many government functions depend on the Assessor's records for an accurate, up-to-date information, such as Planning, Zoning, and the Building Department.

About Uniformity in Assessments

The reason for uniformity in assessments is that all types and classes of properties are to be assessed at the same rate or ratio of value to the true value of the properties. If all properties are assessed at the same ratio to market value, each taxpayer will be paying a fair share of taxes on each property within the municipality. This uniformity is accomplished by analyzing all sales within the municipality to determine their use in the sales ratio study program. In addition to the ratio study, the Assessor reviews the variations from the average sales ratio to determine uniformity.