Tax Collector

The Tax Collector’s Office is responsible for the collection of property taxes and sewer payments. All Borough receipts are centralized through the Tax Collector’s office for depositing and reconciliation. Checks may also be deposited in the slot marked envelopes in the night depository located around the left hand side of the front entrance of the building.



In an effort to assist our taxpayers in these difficult times, the Borough has extended the grace period for second quarter taxes until June 1st. Any payment received after June 1st will be subject to delinquent penalty of 8% for the first $1,500 of the amount due and 18% for the remaining balance due. Payments can be made online thru this website, regular mail, or drop box located at the main entrance of Borough Hall

Tax payments are due February 1, May 1, August 1, and November 1 of each year. There is a 10-calendar-day grace period; interest is calculated at 8% on the first $1,500 and 18% thereafter. No discounts are allowed for prepayments. Checks must be made payable to Borough of Paramus:

Tax Collector
Borough of Paramus
1 Jockish Square
Paramus, NJ 07652

Online Payments

Fees Charged by Ordinance

  • Bounced or Protested Checks: $25
  • Redemption Statement Fee: $100 each after the 2nd request for same parcel
  • Duplicate Tax Bills: $2 each
  • 2.75% Convenience Fee by Credit Card

The Borough of Paramus does not impose a 6% year end penalty for delinquencies that exceed $10,000. By the end of the calendar year, December 31st.

Municipal Liens

Municipal liens held by The Borough of Paramus may be accessible by Assignment Sale.

Tax Sale

The Borough of Paramus holds an annual online tax sale auction for all prior year delinquent taxes and utilities. For a listing of all parcels, please visit the Tax Sale website.

2020 Tax Sale List