Shade Tree

The Paramus shade Tree Commission was established in 1951 by the Mayor and Council under ordinance No. 253 in accordance with the State Statute Title 40: Chapter 64 for the care and maintenance of street trees. Since that time the Mayor and Council have expanded the duties and responsibilities of the Shade Tree Commission, as a result of those added responsibilities the Department became known as the Paramus Shade Tree & Parks Commission.


Currently there are over 35,000 borough street trees that are maintained by the Shade Tree & Parks Commission. The Commission has established a municipal nursery that is a self- sustaining entity that allows the department to grow and plant street trees at no cost to the residents.  The Department also maintains Paramus’ 18 parks comprising of over 105 acres including the preparation and maintenance of all athletic fields for multiple sports along with the grounds of another 17 borough buildings. During winter snow and ice events Shade Tree & Parks employees clear 23,300 feet of sidewalks adjacent to Borough properties and over 480 steps along route 4 & 17 overpasses to hi-way bus stops. That equals over 4 miles of sidewalks or the area of 2 plus acres. Borough parking lots are also plowed by the department.

 Shade Tree reviews all building permit applications for tree preservation or street tree planting deposits. For commercial properties seeking Planning Board or Zoning Board approval Shade Tree & Parks reviews the landscape plans for compliance to Paramus’ Land Use Code and submits a report to the applicable board. All building applications along with curb cut applications require at least 2 site visits, once to determine and evaluate tree planting, existing site conditions along with tree preservation requirements and then again prior to the issuance of a certificate of occupancy to insure and confirm the requirements have been met. The Commission has a Landscape Architect on staff who along with the Superintendent plan and prepare all landscape and recreational development for Paramus’ Borough Parks and Properties.

Board Members                          Term Expires

Dennis Preis12/31/2019
Beverly Keppler12/31/2019
Dominick Minervini12/31/2019
Matt Ivanicki12/31/2020
William R. Comery12/31/2021
Alexander Less12/31/2022
Chuck Hittel12/31/2023