Paramus Trees

The Borough of Paramus recognizes trees not only as an important environmental asset, and because they add significantly to the quality of life in Paramus.  For 50 years Paramus has had an established Board of Shade Tree & Parks Commissioners.  For 34 years Paramus has been recognized as a preeminent Tree City USA community.  Trees in Paramus can be either on municipal property and right of ways or are on private property.  The Board of Shade Tree & Parks Commissioners is involved with regulation of trees on both private property and public property.


Since 1951, all of the trees along the streets have been under the care and protection of the Shade Tree & Parks Commission. Ordinance ST-1 regulates how these trees are cared for and maintained.  Residents and privatecompanies are not permitted to do anything involving tree care or tree removal without a permit from the Shade Tree & Parks Commission.  The Commission offers full service to all trees including, trimming, fertilization, insect control and treatment.  Commission policy prohibits the removal of live healthy trees.  The Commission maintains a municipal nursery and offers free of charge new street trees.  All trees removed by the Commission are replaced.  Care of municipal trees extends to all of the municipal parks and properties.  Every street in Paramus has a minimum of a 10' wide easement for street trees.  Streets constructed after 1975 have a 20' easement.  If there is a doubt as to whether the tree is a private or municipal tree, please contact the Shade Treeoffice for advice.  No work can be done on municipal trees without permit and authorization from the Shade Tree & Parks Commission.


The Shade Tree & Parks Commission is involved with private trees on both residential and commercial properties in Paramus.  On undeveloped property no trees can be removed without a permit and/or approval of the Shade Tree & Parks Commission and/or the Planning Board.


Landscaping and trees on commercial properties are reviewed by the Shade Tree & Parks Commission and approved by the Paramus Planning Board and/or Board of Adjustment.  No alteration to the landscaping and/or removal of trees can be done without approval of the Shade Tree & Parks Commission.  An approved landscape plan and landscape maintenance is required as a condition for a Certificate of Occupancy.


After the property is developed the Shade Tree & Parks Commission is usually not involved with private trees; however, there are exceptions.  Properties that have required buffer zones must be maintained in accordance with the approved plans.  No trees or landscaping can be removed.  Many residential properties now contain wetland areas that are under the jurisdiction of the State of New Jersey and tree removal is prohibited in wetland areas.  No development can take place in the wetland areas.  Installation of fences, sheds, patios, decks, and other structures is prohibited in the wetlands and most buffer areas. Check with the Shade Tree & Parks Commission office for further information on this.

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