When Hiring a Private Tree Care Business

The Paramus Shade Tree Commission urges all property owners to check the credentials and insurance of any one they intend to let do tree work on their property.  It is now mandatory in the State of New Jersey to hire a tree care business that is registered with the state and has employed a Licensed Tree Expert or Licensed Tree Care Operator depending on the services they offer for hire. It is important to make sure that the person or company is qualified to do tree work and is fully insured in case an accident happens.

Residents and property owners should know that there are many registrations and licenses the State of New Jersey offers.  There are also many national and local organization’s credentials that are offered as well.  To do tree care business in New Jersey, a business needs to be registered with the Board of Tree Experts and employ at least one (1) licensed individual.  The public can be misled by a general business license or a pesticide license. Residents and property owners should ask to see a copy of the Company’s Business Registration issued by the Board of Tree Experts, the Company’s proper insurance coverage and the name and license number of the person in the company who holds the required license.

The above information and a current listing of LTEs and LTCOs can be found on the New Jersey Board of Tree Expert’s web site; www.njtreeexperts.org.

Tree Protection Requirements Residents, Property Owners and or Contractors

 Street trees are protected in Paramus in accordance with Ordinance ST-1 and New Jersey State Statute Title 40: Chapter 64. Section 1-14.  If you are planning any site changes, demolition, new construction, additions, major alterations, grading, excavation (including capping of utilities) on your property or if you are planning any driveway/sidewalk work near a street tree, you must contact the Shade Tree & Parks Office first and have installed the required Tree Protection Fencing as per the attached detail in this packet.   The Shade Tree & Parks Department will then conduct a site inspection and evaluate the existing street trees to determine the amount of the Tree Preservation Deposit required.  A Tree Preservation Deposit is required for all existing Borough Street Trees on your property and must be received by the Shade Tree & Parks Office before any building permit approvals are signed by Shade Tree & Parks.

 The Tree Protection Fencing must stay in place until the start of final grading/landscape operations. The Tree Preservation Deposit will be returned if after three (3) years from the signing of the Certificate of Occupancy the trees are alive and healthy.  The Shade Tree & Parks staff is available to answer any questions you may have or to meet you on site to review the specific requirements of the Tree Preservation for your property.

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