How can I make it easier for you to help me?

You should download and complete our Emergency Medical Information Form (PDF). This form lists the questions we will ask you on nearly every call. Please try to have the form available for us. You will also find this form useful for a doctor's visit or a hospital visit, because they will generally ask you the same questions. 

In addition, please try to have your medical insurance information handy. We will generally ask you for the name of your insurance company, the address, and the policy number. We will also ask for your telephone number, your Social Security number, and your Medicare or Medicaid number. For motor vehicle accidents we also will ask for your motor vehicle insurance information.

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1. What is your contact information?
2. How do I obtain a call report?
3. What happens when I call 911?
4. How can I make it easier for you to help me?
5. Who do I contact about employment opportunities?
6. Who do I contact about billing questions?
7. Do you have home health care medical equipment for loan?
8. What should I do to assure that I obtain the best EMS service possible?
9. Do you bill for services?
10. How do I arrange for an ambulance to take me home from the hospital? Do you have any home health care loan equipment that I may borrow?