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Field Permit Application

  1. Field Permit Application

    All requests to use Paramus Borough Fields must be submitted to the Recreation Department. 


    Paramus fields may be rented as long as all conditions of the following policy are met:

    1. All fields will be assigned on a first come – first serve basis.

    2. Fields will be assigned to Paramus residents for pick-up type games only. There will be a limit of two (2) requests per season, per household (street address). Those seeking an exception to this regulation must appear, in person, before the Recreation Commission. Commission meeting are usually held on the fourth Wednesday of each month. Paramus residents must provide a proof of residency and attach such copy to this application. Approved forms of proof are: Valid Driver’s license, Tax Bill, or Utility Bill.

    3. Fields will be assigned to Paramus based companies or businesses on a one (1) time basis per season. Fields are to be used for pick-up type games involving company employees only and are not to be used for any independent league games. Companies and businesses must provide a copy of an insurance policy specifically indicating coverage for the particular date that was requested, and citing the individual activity that they will be engaged in. The “Borough of Paramus” and the “Paramus Recreation Commission” must be named on the rider as being covered.

    4. Paramus based Service Organizations, e.g. Fire Department, may apply for fields for independent games. These requests must be submitted in writing on the organization’s letterhead stationary.

    5. All request forms for fields must be submitted to the Recreation Offices no later than seven (7) days prior to the requested date. No exceptions will be made.

    6. Rain dates are not automatically assigned and must be requested after the originally requested date has passed. The seven (7) day advance notice will also be required for Rain dates.

    7. The Recreation offices will issue a permit to those parties that meet all of the above requirements. The original permit along with the person to whom the permit was issued, must be present at the field at the time of the scheduled activity. This permit must be presented to a Park Ranger if requested.

    8. No alcohol or open fires, including BBQ’s are allowed in the park or on the field.

    The above policy has been approved by the Recreation Commission

  3. On the dates and hours specified, subject to the established rules and regulations adopted by the Borough of Paramus and/or the Shade Tree and Parks Commission or Recreation Commission.

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