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Program Refund Request Form

  1. Program Refund Options

    Refund by Communitypass Credit:

    • We an issue immediate credit to your communitypass account for use for any future Recreation programs. This does not apply to the Borough Pool or any Community School programs.  

    Refund by Purchase Order:

    • If you paid by Check or Cash, we can issue you your money back through a check In order for our Department to cut a check, it must be generated through a purchase order. This is a 45 days process. The process is as follows.  
    • The resident completes a W-9 (provided by the Recreation Department). This allows the borough to create a vendor number for you. It is not utilized for any tax purposes.  
    • A requisition if generated, and gets transitioned into a purchase order.  
    • A copy of that purchase order, also known as a voucher is mailed to the address put on the W-9.  
    • Once you receive that voucher, you  must sign the bottom left space, mail it back, scan and email or drop off to our department.  
    • After we have received your voucher, we sign it, and submit it to the Finance Department. At which time, it is approved at the next Mayor and Council Meeting, and a check is cut just a few short days after that meeting.  

    Refund By Credit Card:

    • If you have paid by credit card, and that card is still active, we can refund your card directly. This takes approximately 5-7 days to show on your statement.  
  2. Program Refund Request
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